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Hi-Lex is a leading supplier of innovative, high quality electromechanical devices and control cables ideally tailored to customer needs. Through an extensive international network and advanced R&D capability, Hi-Lex supplies major automakers with effective, efficient solutions to their needs.


Specialty & Power Sports Cables

Hi-Lex is the world's premier supplier of cables and related systems for recreational equipment including all-terrain vehicles, marine applications, snowmobiles, motorcycles and golf carts. We apply the same uncompromising standards to these products as we do automotive and industrial components. Hi-Lex also offers specialty products such as Medical, Commercial cables, and Tier II/III products.


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Hi-Lex Environmental Policy

Hi-Lex is dedicated to maintaining an Environmental Management System consistent with being a good corporate citizen via:

 1) Observance and adherence to relevant regulations, laws and standards subscribed to by Hi-Lex.

 2) Develop and implement objectives and targets, regularly updating them in the spirit of continuous improvement.

 3) Incremental reductions of:

                     - Waste/Land Fill Utilization

                     - Hazardous Material

                     - Energy Consumption


Hi-Lex Occupational Health & Safety Policy

Hi-Lex Controls is committed to maintaining an Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) Management System by:

 1) Continual improvement in safety

 2) Compliance with OHS Health and Safety standards and Regulations

 3) Conformance with OHS procedures and instructions

 4) Improve Safety Performance through everyone's involvement

 5) Control or reduction of OHS risks and hazards


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