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Automotive Mechanical Control Cable Products

Hi-Lex Control Cables have been used as functional parts along with the evolution of the automobile. Hi-Lex is trusted for its product durability, flexibility, and high reliability. The Company is actively engaged in R&D on systems that will make automobile driving experience more comfortable and safer, as well as improving the performance of control cables.

Hi-Lex Control Cables are light and do not vibrate or create noise that is present with conventional hydraulic or link systems, resulting in devices which are safer and allow for more freedom of design. With the variation and the flexibility to supply actuators and other parts with the cables, Hi-Lex can offer customers a number of options.

Developing cable system solutions to meet and exceed unprecedented demands in every expanding markets, for existing and new applications. Hi-Lex a leading supplier of innovative, high quality electro-mechanical devices and control cables ideally tailored to customer needs.




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